Thursday, April 1, 2010

Working in the Admissions Office

Since my Sophomore, I have worked in the Southern Miss Admissions Office. I have had a great experience recruiting students to come to Southern Miss. My daily duties consist of giving tours to graduating seniors and visiting with potential students. Most recently, I gave a tour to a group of students from Florida. I had the opportunity to spend most of my workday out of the office, showing the students around campus and talking them into coming to Southern Miss. I Have enjoyed my time working in the admissions office. Working in the admissions office has been one of the highlights of my Southern Miss career.

Southern Miss Centennial Founders Day

I recently attended the 100th Southern Miss Founders' Day celebration. Although I attend Founders' Day festivities every year, this year was especially exciting. The ceremonies were commemorating 100 years since the legislative founding of The University of Southern Mississippi. In addition to the typical Founders' Day activities, this year the celebrations included the dedication of the Centennial Gateway and a special Centennial Convocation.
I enjoyed being a part of the festivities and celebrating Southern Miss's 100th birthday. The experience made me proud to be a student at Southern Miss. I also enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with alumni that I haven't seen in quite some time. The experience was not one I will soon forget.

Centennial Exhibit

I recently attended the Southern Miss Centennial Exhibit. It was an amazing experience to see the progress that Southern Miss has made over the past 100 years. I walked through the exhibit observing old yearbooks, newspaper articles, and old uniforms. The experience helped me to appreciate the rich history at Southern Miss. I truly enjoyed walking through the exhibit and learning about Southern Miss's history.